Rishikesh tours too offer you unmatched delight with wide recreational activities like Yoga, which is bound to revitalize you. Also the calm natural peaceful surroundings make it the ideal place to spend a lovely vacation. And for those who are looking for some adventure sports activity, the Uttarakhand tours provides a whole gamut of exciting sports activity from river rafting to mountaineering and para gliding and you simply have your plates full.

Rishikesh Tourism
Tourists from different nooks and corners of the globe land to Rishikesh - an adventurous and spiritual city situated in the fabulous state of Uttarakhand, to lure themselves on the rapids of River Ganga and relax their mind and soul by offering prayers to the deities. It is indeed the perfect place to lose oneself completely in the nature's exquisiteness, flowing rivers and adventurous activities. Being the most admired and highly visited destination of India, Rishikesh facilitates its visitors to come and have oodles of fun in the verdant forests and lofty mountains peaks.

A land of Gods, a place of ultimate solace and tranquillity, Rishikesh is truly a destination for everyone who is on a quest to spirituality and everlasting peace. The majestic view of beautiful mountains, river of the pure and pious Ganges and soothing serenity surrounding the area makes Rishikesh a one-stop destination for tourists of the country and the ones who possess Indian visa. Rishikesh is not only one of the top places on the tourist maps but satiates every small desire of touring and exploring in a location of northern Indian. Along with this comes a wonderful package of adventure offering thrilling sports such as river-rafting, gliding and more.

Place to Visit in Rishikesh

Laxman Jhula : A prime tourist location for the Indian tourist visa holders to halt first is the spectacularly constructed Lakshman Jhula. A suspension iron bridge over the peacefully Ganges offers splendid views of the complete station around it. A quiet walk or gossip for a few minutes past this bridge will make the Indian tourist visa holders journey a rejuvenating and a nostalgic one. Another suspended bridge between Sivanand Ashram and Sawarg Ashram is the Ram Jhula, prestigiously named after mythological and worshipped Lord Rama, the elder brother of Lakshman from the epic Ramayana.

Bharat Mandir : Dating back to the 12th century, this architectural splendour was built by Adiguru Shankaracharya, one of the popular Hindu saints. Inside this rests the single-stone carved idol of Lord Vishnu and is worshipped by hundreds of devotees whether local people or Indian visa holders. The premises of this famous temple hold excavations ranging from coins, pots, statues to other important artefacts of monumental history.

Rishi Kund : The famous legend of River Goddess Yamuna filling this tank with water, after having being pleased by saint Kubz surrounds this mystic beauty of this water body.

Nilkanth Mahadev : Once again a story from popular mythology attracts this sacred site when lord Shiva gulped the poison that came out amongst other elements from churning the ocean, which once upon a time existed here.

Ashrams in Rishikesh : The ashrams mushroomed all over Rishikesh are a centre of attraction for many Indian tourist visa holders as they offer spiritual preaching, yoga lessons, stay and food and much more. The tourist has plenty of space to discover his own self along with the environment which he so comes to explore.

Triveni Ghat : This is one of the sacred spots where the Indian tourist visa holders swarm to take a holy dip in the river water. The Indian visa can attend one of the massively conducted prayers at this 'ghat' to view a splendid sight of the evening lit thousands of lamps and soul-invoking chants. Even a 30 minute peaceful reclining at the riverside can is a 'soulful 'experience by the Indian tourist visa holders.

Geeta Bhawan : If the Indian tourist visa holder yearns to know more about the epic history of Ramayana or Mahabharata, then this oldest of the places in Rishikesh serves as an ideal one to rediscover the philosophies that Hinduism holds.

River Rafting Rishikesh : Savor the most fervent activity amid the flourishing green woods and snooty Himalayan ranges - River-Rafting in Rishikesh. Travelers can witness the vigorous side of them by playing with the streams of River Ganga under the observation of rafting experts. The chief destinations where adventure lovers can relish this activity are Shivpuri, Byasi, Kaudiyala and Bramhapuri.

Tera Manjil Temple : In Hindusism, many Gods and Goddesses are worshipped. Tera Manjil temple is a dwelling for idols of all Hindu Gods and Goddesses. This temple is different from other Hindu temples as the other temples are only devoted to one God. Tera Manjil Mandir can be called as a heaven on Earth. Thereby a lot of tourists visit this temple. They get a chance to worship all their Gods at the same place. Tera Manjil temple is also known as Trimbakeshwar Temple. This highly respected shrine is built across thirteen storeys.

Beatles Ashram : The Beatles Ashram as it is popularly known today is a must visit place if you are the kind of person who likes solitude. The ashram came to be known as the Beatles Ashram since the world famous music band, 'The Beatles', stayed here in 1968. There are a lot of kutiras (meditation chambers) inside the ashram premises where you can meditate or just read a book. You can also take a leisurely stroll along the ashram just seeing the paintings and enjoying the quaint nature.

How to reach Rishikesh

Air : The Nearest Dehradun Jolly Grant Airport is Dehradun which is only 30 kms far.

Rail : The Nearest Railway Station is Haridwar which is 40 kms away.

Road : National Highway 58 and National Highway 74 both connect Rishikesh with the rest of the country and make Rishikesh quite easy to reach by road.